Power Generation

Power Generation's New Superalloy

天宝娱乐官网Our custom-engineered INCONEL® alloy 740H® is what made the Advanced Ultra-Supercritical (A-USC) Steam Header possible.

Answering Energy Challenges

With global energy demand dramatically rising, the pressure is on coal-fired, natural gas, nuclear and renewable power generation units to adopt technology that improves efficiency, increases reliability and lessens their environment impact.

Improving Reliability

天宝娱乐官网Our alloy solutions improve the reliability, efficiency and potential of today’s coal-fired, natural gas, nuclear and renewable power generation units.

Energy Alloy Innovation

Our metallurgists created INCONEL® alloy 740H®天宝娱乐官网 to help power generation facilities better manage today’s new high-pressure, high-temperature demands.

Enabling Power Generation

天宝娱乐官网Our superalloys enable land-base gas turbines, feedwater and superheater tubing in coal- and oil-fired utilities and nuclear engineering.

Alloys for Power Generation

  • INCONEL® alloy N06230
  • INCONEL® alloy 600
  • INCONEL® alloy 617
  • INCONEL® alloy 625
  • INCONEL® alloy 625LCF®
  • INCONEL® alloy 690
  • INCONEL® alloy 706
  • INCONEL® alloy 718
  • NIMONIC® alloy 80A
  • NIMONIC® alloy 81
  • INCONEL® alloy 740H®
  • INCONEL® alloy X-750
  • INCOLOY® alloy 800HT®
  • INCOLOY® alloy 825
  • INCOLOY® alloy 925
  • INCOLOY® alloy 25-6MO
  • INCOLOY® alloy 27-7MO
  • NIMONIC® alloy 75
  • NIMONIC® alloy 80A
  • NIMONIC® alloy 81
  • NIMONIC® alloy 86
  • NIMONIC® alloy 90
  • NIMONIC® alloy 105
  • NIMONIC® alloy 115
  • NIMONIC® alloy 263
  • NIMONIC® alloy 901
  • NIMONIC® alloy PE11
  • NIMONIC® alloy PE16
  • NNIMONIC® alloy PK33
  • Waspaloy
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